A few days ago, as I ended my time with Him, I jumped up and my head started spinning with everything I hoped to get done. As I stepped from the library into the kitchen, I realized that all of that peace and comfort and closeness to the Lord had vanished. With just those four steps my mind was a flurry of activity. I had to stop and really think about what had just happened. I want my time with God to matter during my day. I want it to stick with me and to provide encouragement and a closeness to Him. I want to be connected to Him all day, not just for an hour in the morning. That thought has helped me to slow down a bit and to think about what I have studied as I begin my day and how it fits into my life. I have found that as I try to do that, those feelings that I desire to stay with me and my entire day is changed because of it.

At the end of my studies today, the phrase “Come Unto Me” popped into my mind. I wrote it down and then wondered what Christ meant when He said those words. The “Unto Me” part seemed easy enough, but I was curious about the “Come” part. When I need clarification on a word I turn to the handy dandy dictionary. I was astounded by all of the meanings of one single word.


detain |  volunteer |  birth/residence |  useful role |  prove good quality |  descended from |  result of |  finish race in specified position |  receive regularly  | rise  | make contact |  affect someone |  change point of view |  start to arrive |  say something |  provide what is wanted |  converted |  launch self  | left with a specific feeling |  collapse | dependent |  in the future |  why |  intro for an additional point |  win after lagging  | repeat |  explain |  available  | condition |  pass into a state of mind |  priority |  impression |  reassurance |  approach |  reach |  declare |  emerge |  arrive |  supreme example |  travel to |  support |  receive |  result |  succeed |  suffer from |  be handed down |  reach a decision |  call |  disturb a relationship |  reply |  respond |  dealt with |  recover consciousness |  encouragement |  pursue |          stain removed  | meet |  find |  join |  make progress |  correction |  occur |  happen |  be heard |  hear |  memory |  breakout |  achieve |  brought to a state of mind |  specified time is reached |  arrive, then depart |  cease moving |  reflection |  no matter what |  retribution |  meaning |  motivation

See what I mean? Wow! Some of these words are things we need to do – volunteer, priority, available, respond, reach a decision, cease moving, reflection, rise regularly  – and others are very clearly things that Father will do – call, prove good quality, find, provide what is wanted, explain, declare, support, stain removed. As I think about these words, I can’t help but think about all of the scriptures that testify of God and His Son, Christ Jesus and the roles they want to take in our lives.  All of Christ’s teachings and who He is are summed up in the one phrase  – “Come Unto Me.”

Come, in every way; heart, mind, might, strength, in your daily busy-ness, as you need to solve problems, to declare what you know and believe and want. Come. I will remove your stains. Come. I will provide you motivation. Come. Please hear me. Come. Find me. Come. Change your point of view.

Come Unto Me.



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