Our Kitchen

No posts this week…I know. It’s been a busy one. I worked in the yard, painted the rest of our kitchen cabinets, added some hardware, and painted (part) of a kitchen wall – I’ll get that finished “soon.” I also missed three days of my time with God, if you count today, which I probably would. The couple of days I did study were worth it. I had some powerful realizations and lessons. I’ll just write out a page of notes that struck me this week.

This morning (during my shower, of course) the thought came to me that my weight issue is getting in between me and God. I turn to food for comfort, instead of Him. Food can bring NO comfort, only fill me up so I can’t recognize my need (a distraction straight from Satan) for God’s comfort and help during my time of great need.

If I am to become like Christ – who sacrificed all things to become like His Father, then what must I sacrifice to become more like Him? Turning to food for comfort? Satan has NO power with me – UNLESS I GIVE IT TO HIM – through laziness, neglect, unwillingness. I decide to not give Satan power to come between God and me.


Most of my lack of time with God and posting is because I bought this e-book that has really stopped me in my tracks. I decided to buy it on a whim. I think I just heard some quick little bit about it, felt compelled to read it, and, well, I just told you. I don’t read many books that stop me cold and that are challenging to read because they hit so close to home. I am not enjoying reading it. I got through three chapters and realized how much I related to the feelings she was talking about, I had to go back and start highlighting. It’s eerie. and sad. and frustrating. and making me confront head on some of those feelings that would be easier to just hide away and that I haven’t really dealt with before. YUCK! That’s all I have to say about it. I don’t have the same experiences that she has, but I can relate to her feelings about them. So, you want to know what book it is, right? It’s called It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell. Enough about that one.

I also read the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A really good book. Oh, it has quite a bit of language, so be forewarned. I wish I were more secure. I would take off in a heartbeat and walk the PCT or the Appalachian Trail or hike the Grand Canyon again and again or walk across the country. I don’t trust my body to be able to survive it and I have (way) too many fears (bears, other people, did I mention bears?) to be able to feel comfortable doing it.

Okay, new week starting tomorrow and I’ll be all about getting back in my routine and spending some serious time with Father!


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