Today was not such a good day. Long story. As the day progressed, I just kept feeling more and more in the dumps. You know, just a little blah. I ran to the store to pick up some meds for our daughter (she’s sick and has a crazy strep throat rash) and on the way, I just wanted to talk to a friend who is frequently cheerful. I tease her about the “rainbows and butterflies,” but it’s one thing I just love about her (and am secretly jealous of). I really wanted to call her, but it feels like the only time I talk to my very close group of friends is when something is wrong. I’m quickly becoming “that” friend and I hate it. So, I just don’t call or text.

As I was thinking and then praying, I was trying to think of who I could call that might have counsel just for my situation. Of course, I couldn’t think of anyone. I just told Father that I just wanted to talk to Him. I wish so much that I could. I want Him to wrap me in His arms and hold me and tell me He loves me and that He knows I can do it. I pulled into the grocery store and as I was walking through the parking lot, that friend that I really wanted to talk with, drove right in front of me and rolled down her window. I really could not believe it. Coincidence? Of course not. I don’t believe in such things.

She parked and talked and, as we separated, she gave me a big hug. Then, texted me this gorgeous photo of what was happening in the sky outside and said “Hang on friend.” Does God get any better than that?


After leaving the store and seeing the remnants of this sunset, I stopped to get gasoline, a soda, and run my car through the car wash. As it started, I turned up the classical music and closed my eyes. I opened them for just a quick minute and saw the mess of water and cleaner things, felt the car rustling around, heard all of the noise, and realized that this is just how my life felt today.

Car Wash

What I wanted was how I felt in the car with the calming music and my closed eyes – just having a moment of peace. I recalled everything I’ve been learning over the past few months during my time with God – peace and calm come from Him, but they show up inside me, not from anything outside. If I continue with my time with Him every day, then I will have more and more of that peace no matter what is being thrown at me or what rumblings might be in the distance.

God is Great!


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  1. Trulie says:

    Beautiful! Love you!


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