I sat down to write a few days ago, but didn’t get very far before I had to stop. The message to my mind and heart for months has been to TRUST ME. Our lives have been a wild swirl the past few weeks – illness (strep, then mono for one), career changes (one son considering a big move), dating, finances, and all of the rest of life.

I stopped writing and began searching for an image of how I feel inside when my life on the outside is chaotic. Drowning? Caught in a tornado? Both? The image of Paul walking on the water in faith and then Christ reaching down to catch him kept coming to mind, but as I searched for an image I liked and could personally relate to, I found the image above. It’s done by artist Yongsung Kim. This artist may be my new favorite. You need to go to the Good Salt site and look at all of the images (here).

This image perfectly captures how I feel. I need to come up for air, get out of the mire, be able to see clearly, and grasp as tightly to Him as I can. I got lost looking at these images and couldn’t continue to write. I had to stop and just sat mesmerized; seeing a portrayal of how I feel many times during the day. The hard part, even though it has been hammered into my head every single time I have with God, I don’t put it into practice very well. TRUST ME.

We even had someone stop by unexpectedly, that shared the unexpected message, of TRUST ME. In my personal studies – TRUST ME. Even in books I read for fun – TRUST ME. I know that doesn’t just “happen,” but it’s so consistent and coming from everywhere I turn.

Is it faith I need to increase or just more practice? Do I need to more consistently spend time with God every day? I’m unclear of the path to take with the message, but I am getting the message just fine.

Just as I finished studying yesterday, the last reference I followed was to Psalm 139:1-4. The part that caught my eye? Can you guess? “I am with you always.”

I found an idea online, Pinterest I think. It was of wide-margin scriptures. What an incredible idea!! I, of course, had to have my own. We are studying the New Testament this year in Sunday School, so I decided to put together one for myself. I found a pdf, emailed it to OfficeMax, had them copy and spiral bind it, and can I just say – I love it! I love being able to have tons of room right there on the page to make as many notes and comments and doodles as I want to without feeling like it’s going to bleed through or take up too much room. You should check out the pins! Just search for “Wide Margin Bible.”

Okay, that’s it. Have a smile-worthy day.


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