Immerse seems to be my word for the day. (Incidentally, I haven’t written much because I have been immersed and completely overwhelmed by a lot going on in our household) Okay, back to what I want to say about this idea of immersing.

Here’s how I attend church. I am never expecting to learn. I expect to be inspired. In every class, I take out my notebook and my pen and wait. I had some reminders yesterday, but nothing profound or really new. God has just been telling me the same things repeatedly. I’m trying. I’m trying. I’m trying. I think I’m not taking the things He is telling me to do as seriously as He wants me to. There are still days where I skip my time with Him in order to do other things that are certainly not as important in the long run. The list has gotten longer from Him too. So, I had written down all of these thoughts yesterday that I’ve been writing down and pondering weeks – peace and how to get more of it. Hope – Faith – Joy – Peace.

Hope – Faith – Joy – Peace

Hope – Faith – Joy – Peace. Hope that God is working with/for all of us and that He will make it okay. I struggle with this, a lot. As I was sitting there, I just started thinking about the how of having more hope and wrote down – Immerse Myself in Him. I turned the page and didn’t think any more about it. I was on to new things. Of course, God does not work that way, especially if it’s something He wants me to know.

This is what happened this morning during my time with Him. The whole immersion idea just kept coming up. Hmm. After all of this time in my relationship with God should this really surprise me? I saw that note to myself from yesterday and that word and idea just kept coming back to me this morning – immerse. In my devotional book today, the thought was about judging ourselves and that it is not our place. There is, of course one sentence that stood out clearly, “immerse yourself in My loving Presence.”

Immerse myself how? I could think of a few things – baptism, family history, hope. There’s that word again. Hope. So here’s the list I came up with that would be “immersion in God” to me.

family prayer | tithing | sharing spiritual experiences | attending church meetings | bearing my testimony | peaceful music | clean, organized home | being calm | not resorting to anger | using kind words | being complimentary | sharing what I’m learning | listening/watching conference | attending the temple | family history | keeping the Sabbath day holy | couple prayer | dinner prayer | couple scriptures | missionaries over for dinner

It’s a long list, but, most thankfully, quite a few of these are already incorporated into our daily lives, although not nearly as consistent as I think we need. Will these activities bring hope into my life right this second? Probably not, but I would guess that over time it might. Let’s see.


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