16 November 2015


They say change is the spice of life…

Day 1 with no job. Not sure how I feel about it. My family is concerned about what this will mean for us financially and have expressed concern about my low tolerance of boredom. I have been praying for a month and things kept happening which leave me feeling called to be home. I have complete peace about that. As I’ve prayed, I’ve also continually felt that it’s going to be exceptionally hard. Which do you choose – following the peace in faith or staying where I am out of fear of the difficult? I (am trying to) trust God, that my calling to be home is from Him and that our faith will be strengthened as we see Him move mountains to straighten the valleys before us. Please, God, I pray that this decision is Thy will and that we will see Thy hand perform miracles on our behalf.


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