16 May 2016


I have become completely immersed in the idea of journaling. Mine is a cross between an art journal and a bullet journal. 

(From one of the many bullet journal sites)
I write in it every day and am enjoying the process. I’m also doing a monthly drawing challenge, which I include as well on each daily page.

May Doodle Challenge

I started journaling when I was twelve and it dwindled down to one sentence a day. I can’t imagine how many wonderful memories have been lost! Last year, I decided to do an “about me” journal. It felt good to write a bit about myself and to get to know me better. 
For the past twenty-five years my life has been full of service to my family and struggling to stay sane and get some sleep. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on me. I’m sure I squeezed some in there. After all, I did learn how to quilt, cook, can, crochet, cross stitch, garden, wallpaper, earned a college degree, rubber stamping, candle making, freezer jams, dehydrating, scrapbooking (digital too), and just a few other things. When I saw the bullet journal idea and came across the doodling challenges, I knew I had hit on a fabulous idea. So, here are some of my pages over the past few weeks. I encourage you to keep a journal, no matter how brief and take a few minutes for wyourself today.


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