18 May 2016

I’m trapped in our house today by “work zone” cones and tape. We started out the morning with a lot of dog barking, quickly moving cars, and paper signing. We are having solar panels installed!

Dwayne has wanted them for a long time. Did I say a long time? It seems silly here in the land of the shining sun, that new houses aren’t built with them. Whatever. We had a random guy knock on the door and I knew this was the right company. I invited him right in, listened to him explain everything and asked a bunch of questions. Then, just as he was getting up to leave, Dwayne came home and he had to start all over.

So, today is install day. There are half a dozen guys up on the roof and working on the side of the house with the electrical box. They are drilling into the roof, which makes a horribly loud drill sound with a whole lot of vibration. Occasionally, there is a loud sound like something heavy being dropped on the clay tiles up there. Footsteps. Drills. Booming. Scratching. Honestly, I didn’t think about how loud it might be or the fact that my neck is going to be sore at the end of the day from looking up to see if any of our ceiling drywall is coming down.

Now, in three months, all of the kinks will be worked out and we will be fully online and instead of paying $.13 per kW, we will have the new rate of (ba da bum) $.08. How exciting is that?!? Overall it will drop our $268 monthly equalizer payment to about $100 to $150, depending upon our usage and how much the sun shines. Hallelujah is all I’ve got to say!!


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