28 May 2016

Staying home today to try out a new medication. It’s an additional seizure control med that is supposed to help with anxiety too. I seem to have the best luck with the seizure stuff. It’s weird. I’m guessing because the bipolar acts similarly in the brain – all of that sensory overload I’ve got going on. So, I’m enjoying a Hunger Games marathon (in the middle of Catching Fire right now), enjoying a soda and some ice cream, which I haven’t had for a few weeks. So far, so good with the med. No sleeping (amazing!) and no crazy thoughts (even better!).

I’ve also been enjoying some drawing time. I’m not sure what has happened in my head, but the communication between my head and hand seems to be working more than ever. I’ve tried drawing before, but it felt like there was  some kind of block and now <poof> it’s gone! Excellent! A benefit of whatever is going on in my head.

I have found this pen illustration book from Japan that I adore. I haven’t gotten up the courage to order it, but I have glanced at the few pages the sellers show online. And, I have forgotten how to draw an elephant, which I was doing pretty well. Bummer. 

I have also been drooling over this case for my (growing pile of) art supplies for months, but haven’t wanted to cough up the $50 for it. 

Luckily for me, I found a smaller version at JoAnn fabrics that just fits the stuff I want to carry with me everywhere. Pretty exciting and waaay more convienent. 

So, back to the movies, throwing out the soda (I can’t drink it once it starts smelling like PineSol), and another dose of the med. I have to try to get it up to the actual dose today, so I can see where it starts really affecting me. That way I know how much I can take without sleeping for three days. Yippee!! 


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