29 May 2016


Interesting day so far. So…here’s the deal. This new medication is working very well for me. Yay! That’s great news. I began wondering why this is so different – why such a different reaction? The new drug is in the same class of drugs that work for quick relief of anxiety, but while anxiety relief is one thing it’s used for, it’s primarily used to help with seizures. That’s when I had my a-ha this morning.
Of course I went online. How’d you guess? I took some time and read through some actual medical literature. Gah! There are so many reasons why the medical field is not for me. So, I skimmed three (let’s be honest), until I found the words “bipolar” and “seizures” in the same paragraph. I was interested to discover that scientists think there is probably a link between the two. It appears, from what I read, that both issues are physically “near” each other and that they seem to be interrelated. One study found that nearly half (half!) of those with epilepsy are also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. On the flip side, there are also bipolar “seizures.” It’s not widely called that, but there seems to be even more of a connection between the two than researchers know right now. More research for this one too. 
This makes sense to me that my medications for seizures would work better, if it’s true. I’m just going to assume it is, you know, since it seems to be working for me.


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