Scaring Satan

I think being one of those women that, as the saying goes, scares Satan every morning when she wakes up sounds lovely. The quote above is from page thirty-three and is part of a section titled “The Weight of Your Glory.” Glory, huh? Me? I love how passionate he is about this and he does provide some compelling reasons to believe it. 

Life, for me, has been a challenge. I’ve been tired, worn, and weary from the work living requires. Maybe I’m just really, super duper lazy because some days even breathing feels like too much work. My heart has never been in this glory business. I’ve been stuck in the dishes/laundry/children/hanging-on-by-my-fingernails kind of existence. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a part in some glorious experiences, but they are outside of me, not a part of me or coming from within me. I think that’s the kind of glory John wants us to recognize in our own individual lives – the glory from within. 

He quotes 1 John 5:19 which says, “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.” He suggests that this whole world is covered by the “enchantment of worldliness.” The enchantment. Look at what this word means…

The word sounds pleasant enough and I never would have guessed how fully it falls into this idea of deception – magic, appeal. They all sound fun and breezy, but when looking at it as a whole and under this light, also a little sinister, don’t you think? A little like a world lying in wickedness, except we don’t see it because it’s the wool pulled over our eyes. 

We do have to go back to the first line of that scripture to regain some perspective (otherwise, I may just give up right now) – “And we know that we are of God.” You and I are of God. Of, what a wondrous word! The relationship of belonging. We belong to God, are a part of Him like a sleeve to a coat (Google’s example). People, we are tied to God in the most intimately woven way. We are glorious for this reason – not because of who we are – but because of who we are a part of in this great, grand story. We are meant for glory and we will have it all in the next life, but for here and now, how about we walk with our heads held high and be aware of Satan’s sinister ways to make us forget. Be of God today, consciously. Put Satan on notice that today you will be wearing your crown of glory and get on with it. 

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