Off Day

Like everyone, some days the plan goes a little haywire. Today, mine went off schedule, but it was wonderful. I am spending a couple of days with my sweet daughter. We went to breakfast, took a long drive, went on a horse ride, took an nap (did you know riding not only makes you sore – yikes! – but also wipes you out, I know, my city girl is showing), and went to dinner at Black Bart’s, my absolute favorite restaurant in Flagstaff. Sergio can sing!! 

I did get the chance to read this morning while sweet daughter was sleeping in a bit. The more of this book I read the further into its pages I fall. John is a storyteller at heart and he weaves beloved stories – in the part I read today it was the Lord of the Rings and Narnia – into the wonder of the Christian life seamlessly, like those stories are meant to help us understand God’s Word. 

One thing I love about reading and, some authors in particular, is that they tend to have more than one or two books and, it’s great when they have even more depth. John Eldredge can be found so many ways and it’s fabulous. He even has an app! What more could you want from a favorite author? 

He has a lot of thought provoking stories and ideas that, I’m sure all won’t fit into a handful of books. I hope that you will take a few minutes to check him out at any of these social sites. Did I mention he has an app?!!

Order Waking the Dead from Amazon Here


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