Surprise! It’s a Giveaway

We all know that I am enamored with this book so, lucky for one of you, I bought two of them and I’d like to send one to you. As a bonus, it is off to Ransomed Heart to be autographed by John Eldredge himself. I’ll be shuffling the names and picking one next Friday and, as soon as I get it back from John, it will be on its way to you. Just leave your name in the comments section. It’s that easy.

I have added my name to Ransomed Heart’s Facebook page and have been getting their posts. They come from various books and he even announces podcasts too. These posts are like little spots of Godshine raining down on me. John has a way of speaking to my heart about the love God has for me in a way that seems so tangible. It’s hard to argue with the way he presents the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, I’m home now. We had such a fabulous few days – it was refreshing and fun to just have some girl time. Have a lovely weekend!


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