Prayers for Pulse

I have daughters and dear friends who live an “alternate” lifestyle. Oh, how dearly I love them. 

My heart has been heavy since hearing the news about the shooting in Orlando. I feel sadness for those hundreds of families and even more friends, neighbors, and employers. There will be holes left where an incredible person once lived and there will be cashiers and bank tellers who will suddenly notice a patron missing and never know what happened. There will be words left unsaid and plans discarded, tears where smiles shined brightly, and hearts full of grief and longing at every holiday and important event until those left behind leave as well.

There are no words to explain how my heart weeps for those who waited hours to find their loved one’s status – missing a loved one for hours, in some cases, just not knowing. Our youngest daughter’s partner lives outside of Orlando and has a friend who has been to Pulse. Who knows? Maybe this young woman that we have grown to love could have been there with her friend (she wasn’t). Thankfully, they were actually in LA, but my heart sank again as I heard of the potential shooter at the gay pride parade in Hollywood. What if they had gone? Our other daughter is a bit of an activist and could have been at a gay rights parade or event. There is always that fear in the back of mind…are these wonderful women safe? Are they safe from brutal attacks? Are they safe from random rage? Are they safe from those whose ideas collide with theirs and have no tolerance for individuality and choice? 

My fear is the not knowing. I ask God to watch over them every second of every day and to do what I cannot – protect them. 



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