Four Questions

My goal in reviewing these books is to answer four questions for myself. First, is the book based in scripture? Second, did it draw my heart closer to God? Third, did the writings draw me deeper into the scriptures? Lastly, did it change my heart? I have to say with a resounding yes(!), this book succeeded in achieving all four things I was hoping for and it will earn a spot on my library’s bookshelf.

John did a very nice job of mixing God’s words into his storytelling and of weaving the verses that wasn’t overt. He did open numerous passages with scripture, but they felt a part of the story and not just Bible quotes. Waking the Dead didn’t ever feel preachy. It felt like a heartfelt conversation from a friend. 

This book opened my heart to God every single time I picked it up. I was caught up in its message every time I opened the pages and drew my heart to prayer for the message to sink deep. I felt like my spirit was drinking in this book. 

There were several times throughout this reading that I found myself dwelling on the scripture passages that were included. Rolling them around on my tongue and in my mind to see how they fit in my life. Pondering and prayer over these short verses brought to mind and expanded on thoughts during my personal scripture study as well. I found myself thinking in mythical terms and the wide expanse of testimony and meaning behind these other verses and chapters I was studying. God is amazing in how He presents and preserved the stories of those with testimonies who came before us!!

Lastly, yes, this book did change my heart. I felt prompted to deeper, more meaningful prayer, not just for myself either. It also prompted me to consider fellowship and how my friendships fit into that idea. I spent time considering the talents and gifts of five women that I treasure and who have helped shape and guide my relationship with God. It also brought me to a greater awareness of the Holy Spirit’s role and purpose on a practical, daily way and the power that can come from understanding and accepting this greatest of gifts. 

I encourage each of you to enjoy a deep reading of John’s book. I testify that there are truths within its pages that can enhance your understanding of the Gospel (truly Good News) and how it can apply to our daily journey. Life is challenging and Waking the Dead offers reminders of God’s preparations to help us get through, overcome, and find joy – daily. He shows how to open our hearts fully and to come alive in Christ. What a wonderful thought and hope that Christ wishes to grant each of us.

Thank you, John, for your time and prayerfulness in putting into words what you have learned, that my relationship with God might grow. A+


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