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There is a line at the very bottom of the page that caught my attention in a big way. Jeff says, “And His heart’s desire is to reveal Himself to you in everyday life and in ordinary situations.” (Emphasis is mine) 
I have some history with this concept. As a young adult, I assumed that the only way God spoke to people was in big, loud, marvelous ways, after all, I had read the Bible. I knew how it worked. Burning bush, dreams, angels, ladders – run of the mill, can’t be missed, messages from God. I never believed those types of things would happen to me, obviously I’m not a prophet. 

Somewhere along the way, as my walk with God matured, I realized that He does want to communicate with me and the easiest way for that to happen is for me to ask, listen, and see His hand in the answer. My answers come from those practical, ordinary questions. 

We have never had tons of money, however, I have also never had to work. We have been blessed that my husband’s salary has been sufficient for our needs and our gracious Father has blessed us with fun along the way in unexpected ways. We have had the opportunity to travel all over this beautiful country and mostly for free or with way less than most people might think. 

The experience I think of most as ordinary and everyday, I call my “bookcase story.” As I said in another post (here), I love books. I really wanted to start a library in our home for our most cherished books. We had a tiny bit of extra money and it needed to be a particular size and color. I actually had a conversation with Father and told Him that “I have $13 dollars and I need a tall, black bookcase.” I got in the car, with the expectation that I would be led to it. I felt compelled to go to a certain Goodwill (we have four in our area) and, with uncertainty, went to the furniture section. Of course you know the result. There it was – black, tall, and $12.99. I could hardly believe it. I had full faith when I asked and when I left the house and complete astonishment that it was exactly what I asked for.

Who knew? Well, I do now and I’ve had numerous experiences in my everyday life that prove this point. God wants to help and bless us with all of the small, mundane needs we have. I think it’s how He communicates with us the most. All it requires is asking and, for me, I’ve discovered that specific requests bring specific answers. Boy is it hard to argue with the idea of a loving generous God after a couple of these!


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