I am enjoying this book a lot, but I’m really disappointed at how fast I’m getting through it. It’s an easy read, full of Jeff’s personal stories that pertain to the subject, but it also makes the book go quickly. It’s not often that I want a book to last, but Divine Applause is just that good. It’s packed with the meat and potatoes of the gospel and I feel like I’m being fed, but in this instance, I am being taught so easily that I feel like I need to work for it a bit to make it really become part of me and my vision of life. I don’t want to skim over anything or breeze through it. I find myself going back and rereading sections to get them to stick in my heart. 

My reading last night finished up the section on tithe and is now heading into fasting. Jeff talked about tithe in a way I hadn’t ever thought of before – from God’s perspective. This book brings God’s perspective about us up frequently and I love it! It’s too easy for me to get caught up in seeing the world from my view and I don’t often challenge myself to see it through the eyes of others, especially God’s.

One of Jeff’s statements is that “giving is a faith journey.” I believe this with my whole heart. I worked as a volunteer helping families become prepared for emergency situations and I saw over and over again that if we just try, or even voice our intention, that God will provide help along the way. This has happened over and over. Not just to other people either. I’ve seen it in my own life and in our family decisions, especially when it comes to paying a full tithe. 

Tithe has been a challenge for us. In a difficult times,  like when there isn’t much money and it seems impossible to make it all balance, it’s been hard to have the faith necessary to dive right in with paying a full tithe. However, when we choose to have faith, we see God’s hand reach into our lives and help. Often, the help comes in ways that seem amazing, like an unexpected check that is nearly the exact dollar amount. Those are incredible moments, but those aren’t even the best parts. The best part is knowing that God is watching and looking for our obedience and offers His help so that we can be obedient. Not only does He reward us for our obedience, but He assists in us fulfilling our intention to live within His  commandments. What an amazing God we have!!


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