Fasting and a Whopper

I cannot believe how much I am learning from my reading of Divine Applause. My focus has always been working on my role in God’s kingdom, my personal observances of the commandments, and building a bonfire testimony (I don’t want a candle that I could hide under a basket, that’s not quite enough for me). I haven’t ever thought about my life from God’s perspective. It’s a life (and perspective) change for sure.

I have been studying fasting in Jeff’s book and I had always had a pretty narrow view of the idea and, no surprise, my view has been wildly expanded. I hadn’t considered how it might get God’s attention or the other physical and spiritual benefits. I did a Google search to see how much was out there about fasting and was shocked to see how many of the results had to do with fitness, with no mention of spiritual reasons. It’s just another of example of Satan twisting a truth and principle given by God. 
My problem? Well, reading about fasting makes my stomach growl and I’m so hungry for a Burger King Whopper. Talk about needing to master the flesh. So, is this book enlarging my view? Oh, yes. Is this book changing my heart? YES!! Now, to get my body to follow.


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