About Me

So, I know I have a whole page about me, but it’s such a brief little paragraph it almost doesn’t mean much at all. After all, how does anyone sum up all the days and moments in a life? 

Let me tell you a bit about my experiences through the jobs I’ve had. Ready? Pizza maker, clown, balloon creation helper, nanny (twice), retail clerk in a clothing department, co-owner and operations manager of a mobile concession trailer, virtual administrative assistant,  co-owner of a very small marketing company, graphic designer, seafood restaurant worker (my favorite was managing all of the friers), advertising salesperson, outdoor garden center manager, “member value pricing” administrator for a retail store, bookkeeper, nanny recruiter, Toys R Us employee, selling heating pads in a mall kiosk (with my husband), rubber stamp consultant, trained to be a make-up consultant, and c-store cleaner. I’m pretty sure that’s it. Lots of jobs and only one short career – the administration assistant. It encompassed seven years of my life and I loved it. So much, in fact, that I went to college during that time to get a degree in graphic design. Nothing like hitting the books at forty! 

I have enjoyed them all, but I grew up with the plan of becoming a US history professor. Oh, yeah. History. It would have gone well with my trivia filled brain. Life happened and I realized that there things more important to me, like my family. I always knew that I would either have a career or a family. It’s pretty much what happened. We had a family. All four beautiful gifted loving people. Being a mom has been a rough road for me, but I wouldn’t have traded it and I have learned a ton along this crazy path. 

A phrase in Divine Applause caught my attention this morning. Jeff said, “You have a unique story.” It brought on all of this pondering about my jobs. I mean, who would have ever planned that journey?!? Talk about unique, not even just the jobs, but the skills I learned, the people I met, and the experiences I have had – there is no one ever who has had that same experience. The same is true for you. I bet if you look back, it’s pretty easy to see. 


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