Plastic Donuts

So, I am nearly done with Divine Applause and I’m pretty sure my view and relationship with God will never be the same. In the second week of my review, I like to mention other books the author may have. This time, Jeff only has one other – Plastic Donuts. He does explain the title in the book, don’t worry. Plus, it makes perfect sense in a book about tithe. Trust me. I’m reading it now and it goes so nicely with Divine Applause since it expands on his section on giving. 

You would expect that I might blog about tithing, but I’ve spent a bit of time on it already. So, I thought I might talk about food in general. You know, like donuts. I can’t eat donuts anymore. It’s a sad thing, I know. They are just too sweet. However, I will tell you my favorite. There is a local little donut shop that makes the long chocolate iced ones that are so puffy and soft. Oh man, my mouth may or may not be watering right now. The best part is that they will split that deliciousness in a “V” and fill it with creamy, rich, thick, real whipped topping. Ahhh. You can taste it now, can’t you? Now, don’t blame me if you go and buy a donut in the next couple of days. If you do though, enjoy it for me too. 

Our home is full of people and it seems everyone does their own cooking. We have two adult sons and their girlfriends, our youngest daughter and her girlfriend, who is visiting from Florida, plus my husband and I. Yep, we have enough room for everyone except they all have to share one bathroom. Hee hee. (No, I don’t clean it, so sometimes it’s disgusting and some times it’s clean, depending on whose week it is to clean.) Let’s get back to the food because that took a weird turn.

I love to cook and, for a few of them, that has been passed down. Our oldest son can make a mean steak on the stove, of all places. His girlfriend makes great chicken Alfredo. Our youngest and her girlfriend are constantly in the kitchen cooking and I haven’t found anything that isn’t amazing. It is fabulous! 

I’m all about making lasagna. I’m not sure it’s my favorite food though. I am a sauce girl. I eat a number of foods just because I like the sauce that goes with it. Weird. Even weirder is that I just realized it last year. My other favorite is pizza. I’m pretty sure I could eat it every day. My family is a little tired with the obsession. Oh, and Whoppers. It has to have bacon, cheese, and no pickles. Yuck! Hot pickles. Blech. I also like to make fudge during the holidays. It’s a recipe I got from a friend years ago and everyone says it’s the best there is. You’ll have to try it and I’ll add the recipe closer to winter. I can’t think about fudge when it’s 110 degrees outside (78 inside and I couldn’t be more grateful for air conditioning and whoever invented this blessed thing).

Okay, time for lunch. Have a fabulous day!


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