Back from vacation, back to reading

You know how some people pick out a summer book to read during vacation. Yeah, that’s not me. We spend our time going and doing (or enjoying some HGTV on cable). No time for reading. So, I’m ready to get back to it. I’m excited, but still concerned about this book – not a fan by Kyle Idleman. 

I started reading it before we left and, from the very first page felt convicted. Powerful. I consider myself a strong follower of Christ, but this book, and a lesson at church on Sunday, have led me to believe there’s a part of me that has stepped away from Christ being my complete focus in my actions. Maybe a little too much about self-preservation through the peace I feel from my actions. Now, I’m not saying that’s wrong. We all start where we are and starting is great. The problem is that darn word focus. Ugh! Distraction must be one of Satan’s greatest tools in our age. There are just so many options about how to spend our time and attention that it’s hard to do things for the right reasons all the time. 

Kyle’s book can be boiled down to one question: are you a fan or a follower of Christ? Yikes. Talk about getting right to it. Let’s see where it leads us…


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