Interfering in My Life

Kyle begins his book talking about the difference between belief and commitment. A member of his congregation told him that he felt like Kyle was trying to interfere with his life. That caused me to stop and consider how often I have felt like Father is interfering, getting in the way of what I want. Why doesn’t He just __? How come He doesn’t __? Why do I have to __? That is the thought process of a fan, not a follower.

I desire with my whole heart to be a follower, a true disciple, of Jesus Christ. I want to have the discipline to do those things that draw me to Him – every day, every week. I want to be consistent in my reaching toward Him. When my children want my attention, they play that “mom, mom, mommy, mom, momma” recording from some popular cartoon on tv. It makes me nuts, but it gets my attention and I cannot ignore it (it’s physically impossible). I want to be that way with my Father. I want Him to hear my voice, to know it, and to recognize that I know who He is and that I want nothing more than to be close to Him. 

Having said that, while visiting a church out of state this past weekend, the Sunday School lesson was on where our focus is in completing the long list of “to dos” in a followers life. Do I do those things because I “should?” Do I do those things to just look good? Or, do I do those things because I know that the “list” provides the “how” of being a disciple? The “how” question is simply answered by the doing. How do I draw close to God? Do the things He’s asked. How do I gain eternal life? Do what He’s done. 

So, how are you doing with the “to do” list and are you asking God what your personal list is? I’m positive it’s different than mine and you won’t know until you ask. Then ask yourself, what are you doing about your items on your list?


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