Chapter four ends with a profound question: “If following Jesus cost you everything, would it still be worth it?” Oh man. Everything?!? When I read this question, I couldn’t help but think of Job in the Old Testament. Talk about losing everything. The most amazing part of his story is that he didn’t even complain through all of the loss, he continued to love and follow Jehovah (who we know as Jesus and who is still apparently making this same point).

This is a question I have often pondered and have even discussed with my dear husband. My point of view is that there is nothing on this planet that would keep me here if I had the chance to return to live with God. Now, that may sound all fine and dandy, but here’s the rub. What’s my motivation? Do I really want to be with God that much or do I just want to get off this crazy planet? There’s a mighty big difference. It does back to yesterday’s post – Focus. Is my focus (think motivation) God or is it my selfish desire to have an easier life? Hmm. That is definitely something to put some more thought into.


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