Chapter 5

Oh, boy. This is a big, important, in your face, let’s get down to business chapter and one I have been harping on about for years. It’s called “Following Jesus or Following the Rules?” Don’t read that wrong, you should still follow the rules, but it’s got to go back to the past couple of posts – what’s my motivation?!

Kyle sums it up with one simple statement, “When we learn to truly follow Jesus, we find out that obedience to God comes from the inside out.” He goes on to talk about the Sadducees and Pharisees and how difficult they made the religious rules that God instituted. They made them so difficult in fact, that people spent all of their time and energy focused on the rules and there was nothing left for a relationship with Christ. 

Kyle and I agree on this, God and Jesus want our hearts. If we try and fail, they’ve got that covered. If we work hard and it still isn’t happening, they’ve got that covered too. If you keep struggling with the same problem and can’t seem to shake free from it, they’ve got that one covered as well. We do what we can, listening carefully to what we should be trying to do, repent as needed, and keep going. 

And don’t ever forget: there’s a huge difference between weakness and sin and the Atonement gives one of those power to strengthen and the other the power to disappear.


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