A Little Pondering

I once had someone call me a zealot (a person who has very strong feelings about something and who wants other people to have those feelings). It made me feel a bit ashamed and also had the unhappy effect of dampening my desire for righteousness. As I’ve grown older, my desire to be a zealot has returned, but it’s been hidden in the closet, so to speak. 

Through this book, not a fan, my closet dwelling zealot side has decided the closet isn’t big enough anymore. That’s not entirely true. My zealotness has been out for awhile, but it’s pretty quiet. After all, it’s not like I’m a preacher or even a teacher and those times I have been have gone miserably wrong. I expect others to feel the way I do and it’s really unfair – mostly to them.

I came to this earth wanting nothing more than to get back to God’s presence. I’ve had nearly all of my family turn their backs on God and it has been excruciating. Not too mention “friends” who have ridiculed me for feeling that way. Life is hard. Being with God is peace and love. Who wouldn’t want to go back as soon as possible? I have had a lifetime of time to study and pray and be close to Him. What a tremendous blessing! What a blessing it has been to have such a gift of time

Kyle talks about faith being an action and it has convicted me. There are things God has put into my heart, even today while reading, that I need to do. Yesterday, at church, we discussed that a bit. Service. I brought up the point that God doesn’t expect us to run out and do everything for everyone, but that we need to use the Holy Ghost to guide and direct those efforts. When we ask and get an answer, we should probably follow through and get those things done. It’s easy to make excuses, I know that one, and begrudgingly giving service probably isn’t much of a faith-filled act. 

I’m challenging myself today, to take some action on what I’ve been prompted, by the Holy Ghost, to do in God’s name. Oh boy. Wish me luck.


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