Rough Couple of Days

I have still been reading not a fan, but I have been in the midst of a struggle, so today the message just isn’t sinking in. I’ll reread it tomorrow and, if I’m still struggling, I’ll reread it the next day too.

My bipolar disorder has taken over my life the past few days. There’s not much I can do about it except the “usual,” take my medications on schedule and be patient. I’m trying to not fight too hard since that just puts me in a “I shouldn’t…” frame of mind, which doesn’t help. It just makes it worse. So, I’m being gentle with myself and trying to stay away from things that make it worse – clutter, noise, caffeine, large spaces, and people. It will just take time. 

One frustrating thing is that I never really know what triggers these episodes. I woke up Sunday morning barely able to stay awake and it just became more pronounced since then – sleeping all day, irritability, lack of concentration, not wanting to be around people or to even talk, and on and on. I know I will cycle out of this and be able to have a little more control, but right now, I’m just fighting to get through today.


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