Slave or Servant?

Turns out those two word are synonyms and both are words used in chapter 10 of not a fan. I don’t often think of myself as either. It seems that being a servant implies choice, but in reading, Kyle discusses some types of slaves who choose that title out of love for the family they are serving. Now, obviously, I’m not talking about forced slavery or the owning of another person, I am talking about personal choice. 

Jesus has claimed Himself King, where does that leave us: servant or willing slave? Am I eager to give all I have or am I still trying to hold back and serve only when asked but wanting my own life on the side when not needed? Does my loyalty to God only go as far as specific requests by Him or are we willing to seek out opportunities to sacrifice our time, energy, or even our money to grow His kingdom? 

Are we promised to be heirs if we begrudgingly serve or are we heirs and receiving all He has if we are willing to give up our own selfish desires to Him? It seems pretty clear to me which disciple Jesus would have follow Him. I want to be a full-time, always on the clock, anticipating what He might need and preparing myself daily for that service. How about you?


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