Crazy Friday Morning

So, this is the car I drive and I love it. It’s kind of a luxury car – wood steering wheel and dash, power leather seats. You get the idea. I went to bed at my normal time Thursday night, to awake Friday morning with an email(?) from my husband telling me that I need to take my car into the mechanic and that I might need it towed. What?!? What happened in the hours between going to sleep and waking up that I missed and, more importantly, is whoever was driving it okay? 

I, of course, called my husband, who was having this huge day with his boss and waited for him to call me back. He did and I found out that my car was dead in a restaurant parking lot about five miles from our house. What?!? My dear husband told me to call a friend and have her take me over there and have it towed since it wasn’t working. I decided to do one better. I called our “home teacher.” Let me take a minute to explain. In our church everyone is carefully watched over so that if needs arise, they can be met in a timely manner. Who better to help than him, yeah? 

I called him, he came right over, picked me up, and in about five minutes diagnosed a dead battery. Yep, easy peasy, except it took about thirty minutes to get the thing out of there. Smokes! Car makers sure do make things difficult these days. So, what could have cost a small fortune, turned out to only be $37 ( it was still under warranty – bonus!!), some sweat, and a bit of pain (he cut the back of his hand on some other part that was in the way). Thank you Heavenly Father for another tender mercy.

So, that’s why I didn’t read or write yesterday.


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