The Close

I have finished not a fan this morning. I didn’t realize I only had less than a page to go yesterday or I would have done it then, but it allowed me to see how God guides and directs me at just the right moment with just the right message. At the end of the book, in a social media prompt for the not a fan movement a phrase caught my eye. It says “In order to follow, you must keep moving.” All of my other studies this morning led me to that one, simple phrase in an advertisement. 

I read about Josha and his words to the Israelits that he and his house would serve the Lord. That is moving forward. He’s not saying we did, so we can sit back and relax. I read about letting go of anger – forward. I pondered the idea that, in the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is now “how,” we are only told to “go and do.” Again, moving our faith and actions forward. 

We can choose to stop our obedience and give up on our faith, but stopping doesn’t mean sitting in one place. Stopping in the gospel means sliding backward and losing ground. Life happens all around us and it keeps moving forward. There’s no time to stop – we have to keep moving forward. Thank you, Kyle, for that one simple phrase to cap off my studies this morning. May what I have learned today sink deep into my heart. 


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