Four Questions on this Last Day

I like to end my time with each book by asking myself four questions. I hope my answers might be of some help to you.

1. Is the book based in scripture? While the book is based in scripture it uses far more personal stories than scripture to make the points. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Many people learn better by hearing how others have succeeded in overcoming or dealing with situations that come up in life. 

2. The only problem with number one, is that it doesn’t lead me deeper into the scriptures and that is question number two. I didn’t feel the need to search my own scriptures for examples or answers because of Kyle’s reliance on personal stories.

3. Did this book change my heart? Yes! It brought me to my knees, it opened my eyes, it made me want to hear more clearly, and it convicted me of several fan attitudes and behaviors I have been dragging around. It also helped me realize how much I want to be a follower. 

4. Did this book change my heart? A resounding yes!


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