New Book Monday

My sweet husband saw this new book sitting on my desk and asked if it was by the same author as the last one. Nope, I answered. Huh, they really do look the same, don’t they? 

This book will be a sweet little addition to the books I have previously read. Waking the Dead by John Eldregde was about have the Holy Spirit as our guide. Divine Acceptance was about seeing ourselves as God sees us and not a fan was about our hearts being focused on God. This new book, Beloved Mess, appears at the onset to be about living in God’s grace, right now, in our daily, dirty, messy lives. I’m excited to get reading.

My life, probably just like yours, feels that way most days. Yesterday was one of those days for me. My husband went out of town for business, I didn’t feel good, I spent $80 attempting to fix a completely broken thing, and nearly all of my grandma’s China got broken. What a calm and satisfying Sabbath. Of course, I didn’t go to church because in case you missed it, I didn’t feel good. I spent much of the day upset and wound up in the McDonald’s drive thru at 11:00 last night getting myself a large fry and a Big Mac (with extra sauce please). I promptly crawled into bed with my food and watched a tv show called “Lucifer” until 2:00 this morning. Can you tell what kind of a mess my day was?! 

I woke up at 12:40 this afternoon and decided to just start where I am. 12:40, waking up? That means it’s my Time with God. I know what comes next – blog, budget, treadmill, weights, and a shower. That should shorten the time for anything to go terribly wrong the rest of the day, but there’s never a guarantee. For now, I’m just going to get on with my routine and get reading in this new book. 


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