Oh Boy, I Needed This

It’s stormy outside today. Overcast with thunder growling almost constantly. It’s perfect weather for me today. I tied up the curtain in front of my desk, opened my blinds and am enjoying the show nature is putting on for me – grey, cloudy skies, wind whipping through our big tree in the backyard, hopefully it will soon be followed by some rain. My life the past few days has felt like today. Sometimes life is just hard. Frequently might be a better word. I think I’m doing okay and then I realize that I could be a little kinder or smile more or talk softer. Kind of like what Kimm says in Beloved Mess..

Her comments give me hope though. Hope that I’m not alone in my struggles and hope that there’s another way besides trying harder, because I’ve tried as hard as I can for years, and it’s just made my mind and heart a bigger mess.


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