Day Three

Here I am, day three of this book and it looks like this! What a mess. Get it? Hee hee. I have dog-eared, written in, sticky noted it, color penciled it, circled things, made notes, and I’m on page 50. Now this is my kind of book!

I am actually shocked at how much Kimm has packed into these pages. It’s an easy read, but not a quick one. There is much to ponder and contemplate and consider. It feels a bit like a mirror being held up so that I can really see what’s going on in here – my head, my heart, my spirit. 

What is going on? That’s the question. Most of the time, it’s all superficial, what we think we need/want/don’t want, but when we get to the core of it, what do we really want? I had a most unique experience last night that feels very sacred, but also that it should be shared. I sat down to pray and as I started listing all of the things I feel like are high on my help priority list, I could clearly picture Jesus, dressed in maroon robes, on one knee before me. He put one hand on top of my clasped hands and simply said, “What do you need?” In that moment, I felt such a wave of peace and love fill my whole self – I couldn’t come up with a single thing that I needed and could only respond, “Just this” to Him. Just this. When it comes right down to the heart of it, that feeling of being in Christ’s presence with all of His love and peace and security, isn’t that all that we want? The rest just drifts away.

I felt amazed and have carried with me this feeling of gratitude for showing me how good my life is, in that one simple question, and what the true desire of my heart appears to be. 


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