Not a Typical Day

Up too early to drive my hubby through rush hour traffic and then myself back home. Checked the calendar for any “must do’s” and went back to bed – until 2:00. In the afternoon. Up to spend the next three hours driving people places (my car died the big $400 death yesterday). Let’s be completely honest. It’s now 8:30 on Friday night, we barely finished dinner and I just finished up my Time with God and, here’s the hard part to admit, I am wearing yesterday’s dirty shirt, I haven’t showered, put on deodorant, or even brushed my teeth. To be truthful, I am a mess today. Good thing I can read Kimm’s book and find some comfort for how my day has gone. 

Last night was rough! My husband and I were both stressed about my car. We certainly don’t have that kind of cash just sitting around. We have a (large) pile of our daughter’s things that we need to get to her in another city. It won’t fit in my husband’s car, so without mine, it’s just going to stay in a big pile in our library. The good news is that in the midst of my mess, God is merciful and kind. My husband had to pick up a truck from work today so that he has it for Monday. It couldn’t have been better timing! It’s almost like He was up there waiting, saying to Jesus, “Watch what I’m going to do. I’m going to blow their minds with how I’ve planned this out.” What a kind and generous God we have! Truly, nothing we do is ever wasted to God. He can always add more to our efforts or clean up our mess a bit. 

So, even if I am sitting on my couch all a mess, I know God loves me just as I am.


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