Skipped Day

I did. Yesterday was not a good day and even though I read, I didn’t have anything to say. Today has also been a bit frustrating. Nothing like spending forty-five minutes on the phone with a service provider – two days in a row. Ugh! 

I finished Beloved Mess today. I’m sad. It was such an exceptional book – thoughtfully written and oh so needed in our world. Please buy it and take your time with it. Kimm has given me hope that, no matter how much I am judging myself, God still loves me unconditionally because His Son paid for that privilege. She says, “Whether we like it or not, God is going to use every mess that we are in, every mess that we have made or others have made, in order to bring His redemption plan to completion.” In essence, my messes are part of His work. How amazing a thought is that? I want to remember this and have it stick, so I wrote it on my wrist today. No matter what I think about myself, I can look down and be reminded. I am beloved.


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