New Book Monday

Let me introduce you to How to Start a Riot by Jonathan Storment. What an awesome title for a book about the book of Acts! It amazes me how this whole picking a book thing works. This is the latest I’ve ever gone, but that means I had more prayer time to prepare myself for His inspiration. I walked into the bookstore, said hi, and walked down an aisle I normally don’t go down. I paused, looked to my left, and there it was. It might as well have been the only book on the shelf. I didn’t need to read any more – I knew it was the one God intended for me to read over the next two weeks. The title is a bit catchy though, don’t you think? The back just further convinced me…

Who doesn’t love a good adventure book and, best of all, this one is the real and personal accounts of those who walked and talked with Christ and who He personally sent out with a job to do – at all cost. Wowza! I can’t wait to get reading!!


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