I Can’t Stop Reading

Honestly, I am craving this book. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I wanted to read more and it was the first thing I thought of this morning. I am being drawn right into my scriptures. I’m keeping the New Testament open on my desk and going back and forth between How to Start a Riot and my scriptures. I am in love with this process of learning this time. 

How to Start a Riot feels much more like a workbook, although that might just be my approach to it. These messages are what I need to hear and I want to study them and the book of Acts. So, just to let you in on how I work in mine, I thought I’d show you a picture. So, this is from way back in Matthew. 

I wanted scriptures with really wide margins so I could do what you see above with them. I found a free pdf online, took it to Office Max, and asked them to print and spiral bind them. I love them and they have quickly become my favorite set ever. It was only about $35 for each set of Testaments. 

Jonathan has packed this book full of meat and not the milk of the Gospel. There is just a lot to take in about the early Church and the apostles’ reactions toward it. He is also tying these events to my life, right now, in the year 2016. I’ve never spent much time studying Acts, although I have read it several times. Like all scripture, it requires study and “likening it unto myself.” Now, that can be daunting- it sounds time consuming for sure. Once you get going, it does get easier. It also requires a bit of discipline to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Just a little bit of discipline can become a habit and, hopefully, the result will be falling in love with the words of Christ.


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