Being a Handmaiden

Jonathan wrote about Acts 2 in the chapter I just finished. One verse stood out to me. It says, “And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit.” (V.18) Why the distinction?

Google says a handmaiden is just a female servant, but there has to be more, especially if it’s separated like that. So, after poking around the Internet, I found a Biblical definition that I rather like – even though it may ruffle some 2016 female feathers. The site suggests “humility” and “respect for men of stature.” So, these would be the humble women who were servants of God, but who also recognized the authority Jesus had given these twelve male apostles. Well, sign me up! I want to be a handmaiden of the Lord too. 

There was a time in my life where I felt like no man should “rule” over me. Then I got married and had four children. Believe me, there’s no ruling over anyone in our house. There’s also no “wait ’til your dad gets home.” It has taken both of us working together to get our children to adulthood and it was no easy feat. It also made me profoundly respectful of my husband’s role as the father and husband. He has responsibilities and stress I have no desire to take on. He also has a role as a son of God and responsibilities to Him I don’t want. He is required to be an example to the nations as he steps out into the workplace everyday. I just need to wield some influence around our house and try to keep the floors occasionally mopped. Seriously? And do his job too? No thank you!!


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