So, I have this whole morning routine centered around my Time with God. Two of those things is a gratitude challenge and the other is an every day drawing challenge. These are two things I want to work on – being more grateful and improving my drawing. The drawing challenge for today (day 237) is to draw the palm of your left hand. That seems like a strange thing, but as soon as I read it, I thought of that phrase “knowing it like the back of my hand.” Man! That is how I want to know my scriptures!! I am amazed by people who can memorize passages or even know right where they are. Truthfully, I’m a little jealous. 

That thought led me to think of what I’ve been reading in How to Start a Riot. Jonathan knows his stuff and I am so grateful I can glean a small part of his knowledge and make it a part of me. One thing today was…

In my young adult years I believed that my most sacred and God-involved moments would happen in a church building. It wasn’t until quite a few years later, and some good 20/20 vision, that I realized nearly all of my most profound personal experiences had been outside of a church building. Now, I am not saying I haven’t had some amazing spiritual experiences in my church building, just that most of them occurred somewhere else. Something in my life had changed and that was that I was looking for Him and more prepared to meet Him in other places. I wasn’t under the constricted idea that those types of experiences were limited to one place on one day a week.

How often do I put God in a restricted zone and expect Him to stay there and what am I missing out on because of it? It took me years of growth to expect and see more than just a life of Sunday worship. Once my heart focused itself on God and His Son, I wanted more. No, I craved more. I want God with me every moment of every day. I want to see myself and see Him the way He sees it. I want that clarity, that perspective. That is what I’m talking about. Some perspective on life. 

Jesus teaches using such common things – bread, dirt, a pearl, even taxes of all things – to teach profound truths about His gospel, eternity, His love for us, and how involved He wants to be in our daily lives. Let me tell you, He is not an “only on Sunday” kind of God. Our God is a “before you were born and after you die” God. If I could carry that kind of perspective around in my heart, and truly believe it, where would I meet God then?


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