Bigger Boxes

Jonathan, in How to Start a Riot, today talked about putting God in a box. In our limited mortal state it’s so easy to do. I forget that God is a worker in miracles. He created all and the governing principles, but that also means He alone can bend them – time, space, matter, mountains, wine, death, and even our hearts. I’m sure the last one is the most challenging since He won’t force Himself on anyone, so He at the very least needs a willing participant. I limit God to my tiny little imagination. I mean, really, who can tell a mountain to get up and move? God. I’ve never seen it though, so it’s hard to imagine. 

I have seen lives change and I’d much rather see that than a glass of water suddenly become wine, mostly because I don’t drink wine. I think of the Egyptians, when Jehovah was trying to get Moses to show some of God’s power, but those pesky “magicians” kept firing back with the tricks they had up their sleeves. Doesn’t it sometimes seem that way when we read His works in the scriptures. It’s just too fantastic to be real. Maybe…if I saw it. Well, that just leads us back to Thomas, huh? I have no desire to have to see to believe. I want to keep my eyes and heart and imagination open to the possibility that the Creator of all of the universes – of the very fabric of space and time and light and resurrection – can do what He says He can and that, if necessary, He will make miracles happen in my life and in the lives of those around me. What a joyous thought!!


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