Head and Shoulders

I just finished How to Start a Riot and, let me tell you, I have some pondering to do. One of the last paragraphs says, ” We stand on the shoulders of the men and women who sacrificed everything. If you are listening closely, you can hear their lives echoing a question to us. Will you live as if this story is true?” 

This “story” happens to be the Book of Acts, which begins with the Ascension of Jesus Christ and ends with the beheading of Paul. Do I believe, believe, this story, this Book of Acts, and every smaller story in it is true? Do I live with boldness in my Christianity? Do I live with enough faith in my testimony to see beyond my day-to-day problems? Do I believe that no matter what may come my way that God has my back? Do I believe that God is setting the world right and that means I no longer have to live in fear of anything? 

I write these questions with my answers being no to most of them. The only one that might possibly be considered a yes is that I am not afraid of the dying – I am quite afraid though of how that might happen. I do not live a life of boldness and, most of the time, I believe that I have to get myself out of the problems I find myself in. Yes, my head believes, but much of the time the message gets lost on the way to my heart. I want that to stop. I am committed to Jesus and to His story. I do believe. However, I want to live more every day like I BELIEVE. 


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