Four Question Friday Already!

I cannot believe I have been immersed in How to Start a Riot for two weeks. It has flown by! I have enjoyed this book so much. I think I’m saying that for every one of them, but they have all been so different that it is only a true statement. So, on with the questions…

1. Did this book draw me deeper into my scriptures? Absolutely! With it being a chronological study of Acts, I wanted to be right in there, reading along to see what these early Christians were doing with this brand new testimony of the Savior.

2. Did How to Start a Riot bring me closer to God? Not in the way I usually mean the question. I have a new appreciation for how He uses seemingly awful situations to forward His work. Poor Paul!

3. This book is completely based in scripture – the Book of Acts – specifically. 

4. Did this book change my heart? I think it did. See #2 up there.

I know that the scriptures were preserved for us, in our day, to help us see God’s hand in the lives of those who came before us and that these stories of those events might give us hope and peace that those same actions by a loving God are still happening today – to us personally, to those we know and love, and to those living in the other side of the world. I am grateful that God led me to How to Start a Riot through His personal messenger and witness, the Holy Spirit.


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