You know how sometimes you might be working through something in your life that you are completely stuck on or cannot get through (or let go) and then – WHAM – you read something, or a few somethings in a row, that seem to make no sense separately, but completely answers the problem from just about every angle? Boy, I could use that right now. This morning was close and by close, I mean, close enough. Not every angle, but until I reach the next step it will be good. 

Create vs. Copy was a part of this today. I came across this quote by Ken…

I want freedom from some of the internal baggage of emotions I’ve been carrying around since I was young. I just cannot figure out how to let them go. I have picked up creativity in the past few months, but it is seemingly bubbling so much to the surface. My problem? I don’t like that and it’s causing me problems that I want to end. How does that have anything to do with Ken’s quote above? Because of the “aiming at something good” and “freedom” and “redemptive creativity.” Agh…sweet freedom. I want to be free of all of this internal blech. 

I am shocked at how personal this book about creativity is. Ken talks a lot about creativity in leadership roles, which doesn’t really fit the books I’ve been reading, but aren’t we all truly in some sort of leadership role? At the very least I am my own leader. I think. I try to let God be my leader, but that’s tough. At least for me. I have attempted this morning in my creativity to keep these phrases Ken gave me as my guiding principles…aiming for something good, heading toward redemptive creativity, and freedom. Creativity – who knew?


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