Couldn’t Even Make it Through the Chapter Today

I had to stop mid-chapter today. Ken’s words were so profound that they stopped me dead in my tracks. In this part of the book he is discussing “divergent” thinking, which he describes as “the capacity to interpret a question in multiple ways or imagine multiple answers to the same question.” He then uses this term in regards to prayer and how sorely we need this type of thinking to ask for and, more importantly receive answers to our prayers. I think my prayers may be changed forever.

It has never occurred to me that by telling God how I want Him to answer my prayers limits how I perceive His answers! I mean, who knew?!? I am essentially telling a God of miracles and wonders how to do His job and narrowing down what I will accept  from Him as an answer. Oh, Fatther, how much of your grace and mercy have I missed because I was looking for one tiny needle in a haystack of blessings?


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