Magic in the Air

“There is magic in the world, if we have the eyes to see it.” Ken says at the close of chapter five. Magic? I think God’s power can sometimes feel like magic:

Our Father is full of “magic.” Put in the typical Christian language, we would say Power, with a capital P. All power, all might, all ability to influence the course of events – of my life and yours, governments, societies, the entire world, and all of eternity, reaching even into the far corners of all space and time. Just look what He asked His Son to do for us. It would most certainly fall into the “influencing the course of events.” Every single time we act in obedience, we are influencing the course of our events. We are acting in Christ’s image.

Create vs. Copy is one reminder after another of each of us being in the image of God and our ability to create and to think and live in the “magic” of creation. We do have to open our eyes to the possibilities all around us. We need to see opportunities for the creation of a smile, a thoughtful word, a kind gesture. These are all acts of creation and can bring about magical responses. What a wonder this life is and what an unbelievable miracle that we get to be a part of it!


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