The Book is Great, I’m Just Not

I’m not sure why, but the past few days have been rough and I can’t seem to get my meds to kick in enough to settle me. I dislike this part, the not knowing. I didn’t like it when I was a new parent and had no idea what the baby wanted and now, I’m both the baby and the parent. Talk about frustrating! 

Yesterday I didn’t even have my Time with God until late in the afternoon. I really wanted to skip it, just like I wanted to today, but here I am. I just didn’t write anything yesterday. It feels wrong to Ken. This morning though, he had some good thoughts that apply to me today. 


My guidelines are to have my Time with God That even means on days when I grudgingly haul myself over to my desk, sit down, and crack open each book – one by one. I could even lay in bed to read. This part of my day is that important to my mental health. My connection to God is that important in my life. I go on vacation? There’s a big bag of books that comes with me.

The next bit was his statement, “Instead of becoming overwhelmed, align efforts.” Align efforts. Align: 1. place or arrange (things) in a straight line; 2. give support to (a person, organization, or cause). So, use my efforts to create a line to get to where I want to be with my limited effort, which is to be close to God and His restorative power, and to give myself support. Interesting, no? The more I am able to cling to this one small routine, the less effort it requires to keep moving forward. This one small routine locks me in to God’s unlimited restorative power and, although it doesn’t always happen, I generally do feel better, supported even, after my Time with God every day.


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