I love the things of God, the things of eternity. I love spending time with Him each morning reading, pondering, and writing in my art bullet journal thoughts and quotes and inspiration. I love sitting at my desk with George Winston (20th Anniversary) playing softly in the background and my candle quietly crackling (WoodWick candles have cedar wicks so they sound like a fireplace or campfire) and glowing on the corner of my desk. I enjoy sitting here each morning, with the blinds open, looking out to our backyard where, if I’m lucky, I can see my beautiful cat stretched out in the green part of our grass. I am thankful for this time to just be and hear and feel. I am content and at peace here and I get to enjoy it every day, if I choose.

Choice is a funny concept. Not funny ha ha, but interesting. I choose to have this time apart from the world so that my functioning in the world can be improved and so that there is room in my mind and heart to creatively cope with my every day life. I need this time apart and I choose to make it my number one priority in my day. Ken uses a quote by G. K. Chesterton that I love. In part he says, 

“It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God makes every daisy seperately, but has never gotten tired of making them.” 

My Time with God each day has become an automatic necessity (routine), but each day I sit to study, is a new day of creation and opportunity – I am learning new every day. The topics are new. The words are new. The inspiration I receive is new. The act is not. I have chosen this time, but the time chooses different courses and this newness is led by a God who knows and loves me and knows exactly where He can reach me at least once during the day. I can choose to listen and I can choose to obey, but the choice to be here today was made months ago, when I sought a creative way to draw closer to God. I believe we can each find that for ourselves. Ask, He’ll help you find it and most certainly it will be a creative answer.


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