New Book Monday

So, this is it – If Only: Letting Go of Regret by Michelle Van Loon. I’m interested to see what led me to this one. This week my dear husband went to the store with me, but kept a bit away, until he decided to stand in front of me and offer to pull all of the books off the top shelf so I could see them. Ha ha. I could see them just fine. 

I actually had a different book in my hands, one that would apply to me in my life right now, but saw this one and felt drawn to it. Hmm. This whole finding the book thing is so interesting. 

Michelle in her own words…
My writing life started when my mom taught me to read before I started kindergarten. My early elementary years were spent sneak-reading classroom reference books I hid inside Dick and Jane readers. I dreamt of becoming a writer when I grew up, but those dreams got swallowed alive by tangle and turmoil as I moved into adolescence. I was lost, and not all that certain I wanted to be found, but Jesus my Messiah was waiting for me in the midst of my mess. (Read an excerpt from my book, Parable Life that shares this story in a bit more detail.) 

Shortly after I married Bill in 1979, a friend from church approached me with an out-of-the-blue idea. “I work for the National Public Radio station in Chicago, and we’re producing a children’s show in our studios. We always need short scripts. It seems like this might be something you might enjoy doing.” I don’t remember exactly why she lobbed this idea my way, but I do remember feeling like I must have been waiting my whole life for a request like hers.

I immersed myself in playwriting books, and the station produced a few of the scripts I wrote for them. I devoured every “how to write” book and magazine on the library shelf, and had a few articles and a number of children’s stories published during those years.

After a hiatus from writing when my three children were young, I began writing for publication again in the mid-1990’s. I did a little of everything: reviewed home school curriculum, wrote press releases for an art gallery, served as a communications coordinator at a non-denominational church, entered playwriting competitions, created skits for congregational use, and wrote lots of articles for a variety of evangelical print publications. I also began tutoring groups of home school students.

I’ve worked at a seminary bookstore, produced church services at a church and Christian university, served as a Communications Director for a parachurch ministry, and currently consult in the area of communications for several faith-based nonprofits.

Michelle has a blog and also writes for Christianity Today. Michelle can be found on Twitter as @michellevanloon and on Facebook as herself. 

I look forward to reading this book and am excited to get going.


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