Forgot to Post

I got so wrapped up in Michelle’s message today in chapter two, that I actually forgot to write a post. Good heavens! She spoke about the Prodigal son, you know who I’m talking about. She discusses how we are similar to him and his story. 

At the end of each chapter she has some questions and a prayer. The prayers are great and right to the point, by the way. The question that caught me off guard today and caused quite a bit of contemplation was how has my life improved because of something I regret. What?!? It’s true. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t have a good relationship with my mom. I have cried and whined and pouted about this my whole life and I know, logically, that it really did change the type of mom I have been. What caught me off-guard though is that if I find it’s been a blessing in my life, how can I still have it be a regret? 


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