Sad Day

I’m having a bummer of a “real life” day. Our second oldest and his girlfriend are moving out into their own apartment. Truly, it’s been a crying week. It’s been coming for a long time (he’s twenty-one), but I still wasn’t ready. I mean, what parent is? I am trying to comfort myself by following my psychologist’s tools she’s been trying to teach me – mindfulness of what I’m feeling, validating what I’m feeling, and then either comforting myself or putting the event causing the feelings into my “container” to deal with when I have the tools or the mental clarity to work through them. 

Why is life such a challenge? Michelle’s message today was about not following through with God’s instructions all the way. She says it’s pretty much like doing nothing. 

I can see how I’ve done that – repeatedly. She uses the example of one-sided friendships. I hate them. I have found myself involved in far too many of them. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m a one-sided friendship magnet. She says that it’s great to befriend people who need a friend, the problem arises when we stoop to evading that person to get some room instead of having an adult conversation with that person. I’m a chicken. Who wants to have that conversation?!? I am determined that next time I find myself in that situation, I will say something. Not try to run away. After all, I’d really rather be completely obedient and a little uncomfortable now than a lot uncomfortable later when I have to confess why I ran from someone who needed help.


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